Political Blog Weekly: 10 July 2009

AUTHOR’S ANNOUNCEMENT:  I am trying something different with the Political Blog Weekly in this issue.  Instead of simply organizing the various articles I find interesting and providing a single-line description of the article, I will write a short paragraph about a topic and provide links to what other bloggers are saying on the topic.  I hope that this increases feedback to the Weekly as well as increase traffic to our fellow bloggers so you can discover
what their point of views are on the issue.  If you find this version of the Weekly to be more useful (or not), please share your views below.

Cap and Trade

We hear a lot about the topic of "Cap and Trade," where individual emission reduction is achieved by cutting back on your own pollution or trading for credits with another entity.  The general impression, by both those who support and oppose the proposal, is that Cap and Trade will increase the cost of energy and goods in the near term.  While I am in favor for decreasing emissions, I think this concept is flawed and should be readdressed.

Cato of Utica – "Cap & Trade = Controlling the Resources"
Q and O – "Cap-and-Trade Bill: "The Home Invasion"
Just Politics..? – "Obama, the G8, and Star Trek"
Balancing the Ticket – "Global warming – a question"
Chicago Ray Report – "91 Yr Old, Former Grand Kleagle Robert Byrd Blasts ‘Cap and Trade’"


This week begins the hearings on Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor.  Questions over her ability to be unbiased and color blind during hearings continue to linger, especially following the recent Supreme Court ruling in favor of New Haven firefighters being denied access to promotions due to the lack of racial diversity.  While most of the Republicans are hoping to block the appointment of Sotomayor, I hope that they do this through an up-and-down vote, rather than a filibuster
- a technique the Democrats used often during the past Administration.

TalkLeft – "Justice Ginsburg on Judicial Diversity"
Cato @ Liberty – "The Sotomayor Hearings"
Awake the elephants blog – "The NRA Questions Sotomayor"


As we all know, there was a series of major protests across the country of Iran following the latest Presidential election.  Following years of what some have viewed as limiting free speech and political access, men and women of all segments of life stood up and faced the threat of physical violence from the ruling government.  But as time has passed, it seems that the uprising is starting to cool.  My hope is that this movement continues to grow in the background and
lead to significant change in Iran in the near future, especially as the current Administration continues to make verbal threats towards Israel.

D-Day – "The Long Uprising"
The Fireside Post – "The Rat In The Corner – Iran, Health Care, etc"
Sic Semper Tyrannis – "What’s with Biden?"

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It is still my opinion that the current government of Honduras was right in removing President Zelaya from power following his unconstitutional activity.  Should he have been kicked out of the country before being properly tried for his actions?  That is a question to be answered over time.  However, I do find it surprising that the United States is pushing for Zelaya’s reinstatement, especially when the current Honduran government was acting to protect the democracy.

Q and O – "Obama/Honduras – Still Not Getting It"

Health Care Reform

Congress is tackling the latest variation of the Health Care Reform proposal, with both Republicans and Democrats voicing concerns over the need of a public option (that is, a government program) to provide coverage for the uninsured.  While everyone in our country should have access to be the best medical coverage in the world, do we need a government entity in-charge of collecting taxpayers funds and paying our medical bills?

Liberal Values – "Medical Inflation and Comparative Effectiveness"
D-Day – "The Blue Dog Lament"
Open Congress – "Blue Dogs Don’t Want a Public Option That Works"
Q and O – "Gird Thy Self – With Health Care ‘Reform,’ The Tax Man Cometh"
Cato @ Liberty – "Socialists Surtax for Health Care"
Connecting.the.Dots – "Health Care Fallbacks"

Sarah Palin

In a surprising turn of events, Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin announced that she was retiring from her role as Governor at the end of July.  Most have assumed that this was a way to free herself from the daily media coverage to begin laying the ground work for a 2012 Presidential run.  Does this act of retiring during the middle of her term hinder her credibility with the general voting public?  That has been the focus of much debate over the 4th of July weekend.  As
I wrote, she can use this "freedom" to her advantage in the 2012 election, but only if she remains active in and beneficial to the needs of Alaska during the next 18 months.

Liberal Values – "Conservatives Against Palin"
Connecting.the.Dots – "The Politics of Personality Disorder"
Taxes, Stupidity, and Death – "Two Brief Interludes…"
The Right Wing – "The New York Times Fair and Balanced!? Believe It! (this time)"
Q and O – "Krauthammer – 2 for 2"
Awaken the elephants blog – "The Unconventional Sarah."
Balancing the Ticket – "More on Palin’s resignation"
Sensen No Sen – "So Much for the Pitbull in Lipstick"

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