Political Blog Weekly: 17 July 2009


This week started the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor.  As usual, these hearings were more about grandstanding by the politicians and less about quizzing the nominee on their knowledge of the law.  She was questioned on the New Haven firefighter case and on Roe v Wade, as well as a few other random topics (including Perry Mason).  I cannot say that I learned more about Sotomayor other than her ability of providing "politically correct"
answers to the questions posed.

The Agitator – "Sotomayor’s First Big Case May Be on the Right to Confront Expert Witnesses"
The New Clarion – "The Sotomayor Hearings"
QandO – "Sotomayor – The New ‘Conservative’ Justice?"
The Apathy Remedy – "Sotomayor Neither Bruised Nor Broken"
Connecting.the.Dots – "Senate’s Supreme Soap Opera"
Political Castaway – "Sotomayor ‘Never Thought About’ Rights of Unborn"

Sarah Palin

A few weeks from stepping down as Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin resurfaces in her new role.  Righting an op-ed piece this week, she challenged President Obama and his Democratic allies to their Cap-and-Trade plan and energy production.  As expected, she was instantly criticized by the media and even Senator Kerry.  

Disillusioned Words – "Sarah Palin’s New Career"
Chicago Argus – "What would Burris think of Palin?"
TalkLeft – "Frank Rich’s Strange Column"


Rioting and violence continues in Iran.  After reaching a lull a week ago, tension rose again this week, with Iranian forces taking action against one of the opposition candidates and firing tear gas at participants during Friday prayers.  

D-Day – "Another Wave In Iran"
Political Castaway – "The Future of Iran: Time for Resurrection of the Monarchy"

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Card Check

Card check, the process for a majority of employees to form a union via a public ballot, took a blow this week when weary Democrats broke with the Party over the new labor legislation.  Currently, organized labor is working with a handful of Congressional Democrats to rework the legislation without the Card Check provision.  The intent is to make it easier for the Unions to increase their membership and impact the compensation received by companies both large and small.

Open Congress – "Abandoning Card Check"
Liberal Values – "Democrats Dropping Card Check"

Health Care

The Health Care reform debate continued this week, as well as news that President Obama’s campaign organization will be releasing commercials in key states to pressure wavering Democrats and moderate Republicans into passing the yet incomplete legislation.  Questions over the total cost of the legislation and if new taxes will be passed dominated much of the discussion.  The pressure is on the White House and Congressional Democrats to pass the legislation as soon as
possible before losing public support.

Cato @ Liberty – "Why (Some) Docs Support the House Bill (So Far)"
Chicagoray’s Views and News – "The Long-Term Budget Outlook / Obama’s Trickle Down Recovery"
D-Day – "Liveblogging Obama’s Speech On Health Care"
Q and O – "CBO: Busting The Health Care Savings Lie"
Liberal Values – "Cost Savings And Health Care Reform"
The Apathy Remedy – "U.S. Healthcare System: A Stone-Age System for a Space-Age Society"

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