Political Blog Weekly: 18 September 2009


ACORN, the community organizing group that has been the focus of criticism for over a year, faced a severe blow this week when the House and Senate both voted to cut off funding for the organization.  A series of undercover videos were released showing how ACORN employees were advising actors pretending to be a prostitute and her pimp on how to use government funds to setup an adult business.  Some view this sting as a payback for their efforts in helping President Obama
to win the election last year.  Others feel that it proves that the organization is corrupt.

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One of my largest pet-peeves is racism.  I have written about it in the past, each time with hesitation since the concept makes me angry.  What makes me even more angry, however, are those who cry wolf and accuse someone of being racist.  A perfect example of that was Representative Hank Johnson who claimed that Representative Joe Wilson’s "You lie" outburst was racist.  Racism is nothing to take lightly, and those that pass the term around really need
to step back and examine their words carefully.  It doesn’t matter if you a sitting Congressman, former President, or political blogger.  The more you claim to see racism where none exists, the more likely people are going to ignore it when it really does happen.

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DC Protests

On Saturday, we witnessed the largest single protest to date during the Obama administration.  Thousands of people who were upset at the record-level of spending over the past year, upset with the Health Care Reform proposals coming out of Congress, as well as those who just do not like the President filled the National Mall for hours calling on the government to change directions.  Though there were a few individuals carry hateful signs, the crowd remained peaceful
and civil.  I thought about taking a trip into DC to blog the event with one of our fellow bloggers, but things didn’t quite work out.  Maybe the next protest.

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Health Care

Health Care Reform seems to be the theme of the Summer.  With the release of the Baucus Plan, Congressmen on both sides of the aisle (some who were hoping that this plan would bring both parties together) came out against the long-awaited bill.  This failure to gain bipartisanship support for reform has pushed those in favor of reform at any cost to tell the Democrats to proceed on their own.  This debate, in my opinion, has left the realm of logical to emotional, and
as such, it will not end nicely.  IF a bill is passed and signed this year, I will be surprised.  

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6 Responses to Political Blog Weekly: 18 September 2009

  1. Harrison says:

    Even with those pimp/hooker videos it's amazing that it's STILL not being widely covered in the press!

  2. It's hard to say these days. Newspapers will cover the story, but it won't always show up on the front page. On the news, they are small segments. I find that my local news carries more of these stories, but being in the DC market, it's hard not for it to be covered.

  3. Harrison says:

    DC news is national news… unless the Skins are in the playoffs then that's all you hear about. But no worries about that for a while!

  4. Harrison says:

    Not a Nationals fan? I'm from DC and I still hope the Deadskins can turn it around.

  5. No, not really a baseball fan. I only follow pro football. It's easier to keep up that way. hahaha

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