Political Blog Weekly: 22 January 2010

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Scott Brown

Leah L. Burton presents Scott Brown ~ Another Hatriot Runs for Office as a ?Moderate? posted at God’s Own Party?.

Examining if Scott Brown is a stealth religious-right Republican, and what his connection is with Sarah Palin.

Scott Spiegel presents Dems Weigh Options: Senate-Packing, Queen Olympia, Mass Kidnapping posted at Scott Spiegel.

Exploring the options Congressional Democrats have in regards to Health Care Reform now that Scott Brown won the election.

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Joe "Vote 60" No Mo’ posted at Mad Kane’s Political Madness.

A poem about Joe Lieberman and his loss of influence following Scott Brown’s victory (making him the Republican’s 41st vote).

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National Security

The Angry Anarchist presents 3D Scanners ? What Asses! posted at The Angry Anarchist – Opinion . Uncensored . That IS Anarchy.

Covering the implementation of the new 3-D scanners in airports.

Allen Scott presents My No Nonsense Plan for Homeland Security posted at A View from the Nest.

REMARKS:  A little tongue and cheek absurdity addressing the absurd.

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Steve Mustanski presents Obama Proposes New Financial Crisis Responsibility Fee posted at Conservative Patriot HQ.

Exploring the proposed "Financial Crisis Responsibility Fee," who would be impacted by it, and how it can hurt the economy.

eWorldVu – "Big Bank Reform Means Buy More Bank Of America"
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SENATUS – "Shelby Seeks Hearings on Obama Bank Risk Proposal"

Obama’s First Year

ella moss presents 1 YEAR OLD PRESIDENCY « Zodiac Times posted at Zodiac Times.

REMARKS:  Obama’s bum rap .

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