Political Newsletter: Week ending 10/13/2012

NOTE: I apologize that this edition is a week late. Between the debates, time lost due to a vacation, and a lot of work that I had to get caught up on, I just didn’t have time to finish this earlier.

Vice Presidential Debate

In this edition of the Newsletter, the obvious topic on the minds of the bloggers was the Vice Presidential Debate. It was difficult choosing which articles to keep because there were so many, but I think I have a decent collection of various opinions for you to read.

Liberal Values: Looking Back At Obama’s Debate And Forward At Biden’s
Connecting.the.Dots: Biden and Ryan Smiling Through
The Dividist Papers: Live Blogging the Live Bloggers 2012 Vice Presidential Debate Mystical 10-11-12 Edition
DUmmie Funnies: The Biden Bouce: Smirkin’ Joe Crazier thrills the DUmmies!
Taxes, Stupidity, and Death: Laughing Buffoon One Heartbeat Away From Presidency, Unreality-Based Left Applaud His Rampant Asshattery
U.S. Common Sense: Vice Presidential Debate – Initial Reaction
A Disgruntled Republican: The Nashville VP debate watch party
All American Blogger: Joe Biden Doesn’t Legislate His Morality, Except When He Does
Chicago Argus: Debating the meaning of debates
Questions and Observations: Biden and the VP debate: Effective or Gore 2.0?
The Daily Plunge: The Arrogance of Big Government Personified

Big Bird

Not to be left out, Big Bird remained on the minds of a few bloggers last week. Even our feathered friends need some love now-and-then.

All That Is Necessary: Big Bird Doesn’t Need Big Government
Speak, Dog! Speak!: Sniff… sniff… what’s that smell?
The LID: The Obama Campaign is Flipping the Bird to the American People

2012 Campaign

There’s just a few more weeks until election day! Expect this section to keep growing until then.

Mad Kane’s Political Madness: Romney’s Political Hack Trick (Limerick)
Scott Spiegel: Romney Too Busy Helping the Needy to Be “Nice”
Augurs Well: Is the Romney Bounce Here to Stay?
Right Wing Nut House: The Romney Surge
The Marc Chamot Report: Obama Performance’s, Honesty & Voter Fatigue Finally Settling with Romney 12 Points Swing, 49 to 45% Lead Over Pres. & Dominating Swing States
WesternFront America: Can Obama’s Foreign Policies Suck Any Worse?
The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler: Meet The New Strategy Same As The Old Strategy
Capitol Commentary: Why Mitt Romney Seems to Be Taking the Lead All of a Sudden


Still the dominating issue of the 2012 campaign.

Len Penzo dot Com: 18 Spooky Facts You Didn’t Know About the National Debt
Our Dime: All that Bunk About Deficits and Skyrocketing Interest Rates
The Digerati Life: Paying For College: How To Reduce Student Debt
The BoBo Files: Strike Three…

Middle East and Terrorism

Middle East Perspectives by Rick Francona: Iran’s endorsement of Obama for re-election
Sic Semper Tyrannis: The Assad government is defending the minorities – Clifford Kirakofe
City of Waterfalls – Iligan City: 2 killed, 36 injured in Iligan City grenade attack
A Soldier’s Perspective: Military Looks to Track Privately Owned Weapons


Karl Davis – The View From Over Here: Fatalities; A Brief Message from a Train Driver – Ten Years On..
Space Politics: Undue credit (and blame) for the Obama Administration and CRS
TalkLeft: Congress Finally Questiong Wisdom of Our Rogue and Global DEA
The Agitator: Another Isolated Incident
Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Old Bat Cave: Political Interlude: Congress Members Back Legislation That Could Benefit Themselves and/or Relatives (L-O-N-G)
Bad Gals Radio: Isn’t it time to ask for a Receipt for all of this Undeclared Fundage America?
People Politico: Top Ten Ways to Vote Responsibly in Politics
Pambie: Another Brice in the Obamacare Wall

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